Company profile

Ferracin Group srl is a company operating in the field of plastic injection molding. The experience gained over the years on plastics and on molds, has led the company to develop a range of products for the building of high quality, ranging to renew the traditional building systems.


A dynamic, ever-changing company and attentive to the continuous technological innovations that the world of plastics offers. The flexibility is its strength, both from the point of view of production and commercial.

The range of products is present throughout the national territory through the action of agents and employees, a sales team with preparation and experience in the construction industry.

All items are always in stock and our efficient transport service ensures prompt deliveries.

The company offers specialized technical advice to support designers, retailers and businesses.
We can offer: feasibility studies, reports, calculation, design, co-design and construction assistance.

The goal is continuous improvement, innovation, research and development of new products and especially the satisfaction of our customers.

Respect for the Environment

“Minimizing the environmental impact over the entire life cycle of resources, promoting recycling and recovery of materials are activities that increase the efficiency of the European economy and reduce the negative impact on the environment of all ‘use of natural resources. This will help to conserve the resource base essential for economic growth that extends over time … ”
This is the thematic strategy on the prevention and recycling of waste pollution communicated by the European Commission. The company mission is in fact produce items with recycled plastic derived from post-consumer plastic waste and industrial waste, eco-friendly but equally durable and high-performance, and renouncing the use of additives such as dyes. The use of recycled materials saves a lot of issues, just think that for every kg of recycled plastic saves 1.5 kg of CO₂

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