Plastic injection molding

… A company’s competitiveness consists not only of quality products and excellent value for money but also of the company’s ability to ensure proactive and constant support and assistance to customers in all situations …

Ferracin Group srl is a company specialising in injection moulding of plastics. Owing to the experience matured over the years, it can provide customers with personalised solutions in a wide variety of industrial sectors: Automotive, household items, furnishings, electrical goods, packaging, building.

The company’s premises extend over 4700 square metres, 2000 of which are indoor premises.

The machines consist of 13 injection moulding machines with capacities ranging from 90 and 1800 tonnes fitted with dryers to remove humidity from the materials, robots for automatic management of the moulded item outside the machine and temperature regulators to ensure consistent moulding cycles. Ferracin group is able to mould thermoplastic materials weighing up to about 9.5 kg. This enables the company to meet the most widely varying needs, from moulding small items to large objects.

A close cooperation with trusted partners enables the company to provide its customers with customised solutions during all the phases of:

  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Choice of raw material
  • Mould making
  • Sampling
  • Pre-Series
  • Production
  • Surface Treatments
  • Assembly
  • Shipping