Project Description

Prato Svelto, consists of high-density polyethylene modules in a honeycomb design. It is a ‘”green concept” that respects the environment, to create car parks, alleys, driveways and parking areas.


PRATO  SVELTO is manufactured with recycled plastic derived from post-consumer plastic scrap and
industrial wastes. The use of recycled materials saves a lot of issues, just think that for every kg of recycled plastic saves 1.5 kg of CO2.

Green areas in urban centres have a specific purpose that goes beyond the aesthetic and recreational. These areas, unlike those paved with concrete, asphalt or other impermeable systems, allow the natural infiltration of rainwater into the soil, thereby mitigating the phenomena of flooding that occurs more and more often in our cities. In addition, the possible use of grassy areas in urban centres, allows the creation of green spaces, natural habitats for insects and small animals.

With prato svelto the ground is consolidated into a lawn that can be immediately used by vehicles and that requires only normal care. The area covered in grass in prato svelto is approximately 90% and the whole area contributes to the drainage of rainwater.

Height available: 4,8 cm

Prato Svelto allows high values o f resistance to compression depending on the type of underlying soil, the substrate and their relative thicknesses.

Prato Svelto is not attacked by micro-organisms in the soil or by chemical substances and / or fertilisers used for the growth and care of the lawn. Furthermore, by virtue of the HDPE material it is made of, it is also resistant to changes in temperature, wear and tear caused by the weather and is stable to UV exposure.

  • Car parks and rest areas
  • Crossings and pathways subject to vehicular traffic
  • Fairways on golf courses
  • Cycle lanes and pedestrian paths
  • Paths and green areas of swimming pools and sports centres, hospitals, etc.
  • Playgrounds
  • Lay-bys and trailer and camper storage areas
  • Helicopter landing pads
  • Transit areas for emergency vehicles
  • Trade fair and exhibition areas